The Dangers of Excess Body Fat - Solutions at TVC SKY Shop

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Do you want to be Fat or Fit?

Indians today want to be fit and have a lean body. But only some of us can dedicate our time for exercise, while others are left with rounded body. To solve this problem TVC Skyshop brings to you a host of innovative fitness products. Theses state-of-the-art products are scientifically designed to help you burn your excess calories.

Our products Slender Shaper, Weight Loss Station, Gym Ball with Pump and TVC Jogger & TVC Jogger Pro are the perfect solution to have your dream body. Now no need to go on a diet, devote hours for exercise or bare the post workout pain. Our weight loss solutions will help you lose excess weight in a matter of few minutes. Get a healthy body that looks and feels good in no time.

A brief description about each of our weight loss products should help you understand their benefits:

Slender Shaper is an amazing, convenient and light weight belt that can be worn against whichever muscle you are wishing to tone and get fast results without any efforts. Slender Shaper is a simple, fast and effective massaging exercise belt that utilizes a unique, invigorating, dual oscillating system targeting the parts of the body that you wish to tone and sculpt. It combines tapping, oscillating and vibrating programs that relieve muscle tension. Just wear Slender Shaper around your abs, buttocks, thighs, shoulders, calves or underarms and it does all the work for you without having to go to the gym. All you have to do is put on the TVC Slender Shaper, select the program and just relax. Slender Shaper works immediately and helps tone and strengthen your abs, firm up your buttocks and give your body a slender look.

Weight Loss Station: A revolution in exercising & gym machines, Weight Loss Station by TVC Skyshop is an innovative product designed to get you a slim-trim body. Now no need to jog on Trendmill for hours, to give your body the desired shape, just stand on TVC Weight Loss Station and see the magic. The powerful motor shakes & melts away excess fat depending on the 15 different vibration modes. In few days you’ll discover a slimmer and energetic you! It’s a weight-resistant professional quality equipment that can bare weight up to 150kgs.

TVC Jogger and TVC Jogger Pro: TVC Jogger and TVC Jogger Pro are scientifically designed, innovative health products that work on the principles of goldfish movement. TVC Jogger and TVC Jogger Pro allows you to go for morning walk while you are still in bed. All you have to do is rest your feet on it. Daily 15 mins usage is equal to 10000 steps of brisk walking. It improves blood circulation, relieves back and muscles pain, strengthens joints, improves digestion and increases immunity to allergies without any physical exercise or strain.

The TVC Jogger and TVC Jogger Pro are two state-of-the-art products that come with an inbuilt timer. The machine is a complete fitness solution for entire family. People from all age groups can take the advantage of this revolutionary fitness regime at your own convenience.

Gym Ball with Pump: Add some fun to your workout with TVC Skyshop Gym Ball. Lose weight and give desired shape to your body with Gym Ball. Made from highly durable material this ball helps relaxing muscles, increase flexibility and tone your entire body. The ball can be used in fitness, rehabilitation, or any group exercise. It is a high pressure resistant and can be used by a person of any weight.

All these products are used & recommended by thousands of Indians across India. TVC Skyshop offers you this exciting range of revolutionary products at the most affordable prices. You can make them yours and see your body getting in shape in no time.


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