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Before bumping into any mobile store to buy a new swanky cell phone for yourself, its always advisable to understand your specific needs and chart your options. Many times we land up in the store and get lured by the fancy looking phones which are way above our budget. Most of us are unaware of all the features in our phones. This article will put some light on the things to consider before you buy your next mobile phone.

The first thing to consider before buying any phone is the kind of service provider you are using/plan to use. There are two kinds of service providers in India based on the network technology used – GSM (e.g. Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, etc) and CDMA (e.g. Reliance, Tata Indicom, etc). In most of the cases these two technologies are not compatible with each other. GSM phones use a SIM card to communicate with the service provider’s network, hence the same handset can be used with different service providers. On the other hand CDMA phones are tied to a particular service provider and cannot be transferred across service providers.

Our phones tell a lot about us. A mobile phone has to be in sync with your lifestyle. A teenager will mostly prefer phones with camera, MP3 players, radio and video recorders. Some girls tend to choose phones with feminine looks and prefer soft colours. On the other hand boys prefer sturdy handsets. Internet lovers are inclined to buy mobile phones with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) connectivity. Those who enjoy games will opt for phones with high quality games.

Keep your budget in mind. How much would you like to pay for a mobile phone? If you wish to buy any branded smartphone then you need to have a budget that starts from minimum Rs. 15,000 to anywhere between Rs. 30,000 – Rs.40,000. While if your budget is around Rs.8000 – Rs. 10,000, you can still get for yourself an array of options to choose from which has all the basic features like Bluetooth, mega pixel camera, MP3 player or a radio, etc other than the normal call and SMS feature. Try accommodating your purchase within your budget, since mobile phones rates drop very fast.

Find your prime purpose for buying a mobile. What will be the maximum use of your mobile. You should not opt for fancy mobiles with camera and videos, if you are going to make lot of business calls. The high-end mobiles consume lot of battery and it may become cumbersome to charge battery often while handling important business deals. A student's choice of mobile phone will be very different from that of a professional.

It is also important to consider the place you are going to buy your phone from. The place needs to be reliable. Make sure the store is a reputed one and you get the bill from the store with guarantee. Also you can look for stores who offer discounts and schemes. There are many of them who give heavy discounts on festive seasons. This might help you save some money or at least get something free.

Even though there are many options available in the market, you can look for a user-friendly mobile. Sometimes even a mobile loaded with high-tech features may not be user-friendly. Consider this especially when you are buying a mobile for a person who is not tech-savvy and has difficulty in operating mobile phones. A less complicated piece might just make their life simpler and they may actually be able to use the phone in the difficult times to contact their near and dear ones.

This may seem like a very small thing, but a considerably large display screen is always comfortable to look at. If you are more into gaming or like watching high quality videos then also check the screen resolution and quality of the colours that are displayed. You may also want to go for Thin Film Transistors (TFT) screens.

The keypad is the next small but not less important thing. Its always advisable to check the comfort level of a particular handset. If you are actually going to the store to buy your phone, then take the model in your hand and try typing the keys. Usually the sleek looking mobile phones have a bit uncomfortable keypad. This might not strike you before and you may actually regret buying a particular handset which looks good to your eye.

If you are a regular internet user then it is sensible to opt for a GPRS or Enhance Data rates for Global evolution (EDGE) enabled handsets. These features will allow you to be online anywhere, anytime and be in touch with anyone. Check mails, surf on social networking sites, chat with friends or simply browse through the net.

Sound quality also plays an important role in your check list while buying a mobile. If you are a music lover you would want a stereo quality sound for your mobile to enjoy your playlists. Even though you are not a music lover, do check the sound quality of the phone for basic things like ring tone volume, quality, etc. Polyphonic ringtones are the order of the day but buying a cell phone which plays MP3 songs as the ringtone would be a better option. If your phone comes with an earphone then check their quality. Ensure they are in a proper working condition. Earphones are usually they are needed while you are driving or busy doing some other work.

Everything comes to a stand-still if your phone is not working at all. The battery gets exhausts and your high-end phone may be of no use when you need it the most. Battery life is a very important aspect while purchasing a mobile phone. Handsets with poor battery life can disturb your communication and can make it difficult to use other features. Buy a mobile phone from a reputed brand that provides long lasting and durable batteries. Check if the dealer can provide replacement if something goes wrong with the battery. Do not forget to check the price.

Life becomes simple if you check the small details. Look out whether you have other applications like alarm clock, calendar, reminder, calculator, stopwatch, pedometer etc. in your mobile phone.

Last but not the least; don’t forget to ask for mobile phone bill. In case of any technical problems it will be important to show the bill and demand replacement and repair. Mobile repair under the guarantee period is usually free. Save box pack of your mobile, other accessories and brochure. If you ever decide to sell your phone, the complete pack will fetch you a better price than just the mobile.

If you try to remember all these minute details while buying your mobile you are sure to grab for yourself the best mobile phone you can ever get!

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